Diyijia Chicken Cutlet, the largest and most famous fried chicken chain brand in China. We have over 3600 Stores spread over 283 cities all around China. As the lead of fried chicken cutlet brand in the industry, our first oversea store has finally opened in downtown Toronto this September.
Our special seasoned juicy chicken cutlets come with 4 different types:
Cheeesexplosion Chicken, with cheese licking out with every bit, Szechuan Chicken, the spiciness that fires up in your mouth, and the Jumbo Boneless and Bone-in Chicken, which are bigger than your face. All chicken cutlets can also be spice up with 4 different spices: Original (salt and pepper), pepper, plum and spicy.
If you also want a little snack on the way too, we also carry popcorn chicken, hot chicken wings, plum sweet potato fries and crispy fries. And we also have special made drinks to clear your thirst.


我们特色多汁鸡排有四种不同的选择:爆浆鸡排, 每咬一口芝士都会从口中流出来,藤椒鸡排,辣辣的香气在嘴里喷火,以及比你脸还要大的Jumbo Boneless和Bone-in Chicken。所有的鸡排也可以选择4种不同的香料调味:原味(椒盐),西域孜然,清甜甘梅和川香麻辣。
如果您也在想吃点小点心, 我们还有盐酥鸡,脆辣对翅,黄金地瓜条,和脆皮薯条。以及特质的美味饮品。

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